VIDEO: Trump greets the 3 American Christians just freed from North Korea

By Dan Calabrese

I could do without the roses he keeps tossing to Bowl Cut Jr., who never does anything good unless he thinks he a) benefits from it; or b) will face very big problems if he does not.

But I suppose it’s possible that was the price Trump had to pay for getting them home, and if that’s the case it’s a much more palatable price than sanctions relief, grain shipments or backing off the nuclear pressure.

Enjoy this:

Normally when the Norks take an American hostage, it requires someone of the stature of Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter (I know, I know) to make a special trip over there just to bring them home. Now Mike Pompeo is the Secretary of State, and that ain’t nothing, but the trip was for other purposes and I’m sure Pompeo made it clear that nothing else on the agenda was going anywhere unless these three came home with him.

I love that these three are home.

I am much less in love with the way Trump is talking about Kim. Maybe it’s posturing, but Trump sounds like he thinks all that was needed to turn Kim around was the force of personality that only Trump could bring to the discussions. That is not true. If Trump is making any of this happen, it’s because he’s scaring the bejeezus out of Kim with his expressed willingness to meet Kim nuke for nuke and then some.

But I guess that’s what speaking softly and carrying a big stick is, right? Maybe Trump is more nuanced than anyone gives him credit for.

Either way, it’s wonderful to see these three men come home, and don’t underestimate the role their Christian faith played in getting them locked up in the first place. That said, an awful lot of people have been praying for them. If God could harden Pharoah’s heart so thoroughly that he wouldn’t let the Egyptians go ever after locusts, gnats, flies, boils and everything else, He can surely soften Kim Jong Un’s heart.

Welcome home, gentlemen. It’s good to have you back.

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