Trump: Props to Mexico for stopping the caravan, avoiding a ‘giant scene’ at the border

Photo credit: Georgia National Guard via Flickr

By Dan Calabrese

Presumably after all the attention it got, border security would have been waiting and ready.

You’d like to think that. As controversial as it’s now become in this country to simply enforce our own existing laws, who knows, but apparently the all the attention paid to the infamous caravan made it impossible for its participants to actually cross the border into the U.S. And President Trump, who is not known for praising Mexican authorities, did just that in giving credit where due:

President Trump on Thursday said that a caravan of more than 1,000 Central Americans traveling through Mexico had been “largely broken up” by Mexican authorities — adding that it had avoided “a giant scene” at the U.S. border.

Trump tweeted a day after he signed a proclamation sending the National Guard to the border in response to what his administration called an “unacceptable” flow of drugs, criminal activity and illegal immigrants.

The move, about which specifics were unclear, appeared to be prompted in part by news reports of the caravan moving toward the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump reacted by threatening to end the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and also end foreign aid to Honduras, where many of the migrants originated, if the caravan was not stopped.

Buzzfeed News, which first reported the caravan’s movements last week, reported on Tuesday that organizers said the caravan would travel to Mexico City, where only those with valid asylum claims in Mexico or the U.S. would continue moving north to the border.

In his tweet Thursday, Trump also said that border crossings are at a 46-year low, but said the rate was still “unacceptable.”

Trump’s plan to send the National Guard to the border, presumably to stop the caravan, would have been uncontroversial had any other president done it. And in fact, previous presidents did make this very same move when circumstances seemed to warrant it. Somewhat more unusual was Trump’s professed willingness to tie the fate of the caravan to NAFTA and other trade deals. You’d think they’d be treated as separate issues – because they are – but Trump has shown he’ll use whatever leverage he thinks he has on an issue, and he got Mexico’s attention on this one.

If you’re wondering what this scene at the border would have looked like, however, we have this special pirated video that answers that question:

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