Trump: There was no collusion with Russia, except by the Democrats

By Dan Calabrese

Remember, Christopher Steele’s sources included several Russians, and apparently some of this was being laundered through John Kerry’s State Department so it wouldn’t be so obvious that the Clinton-hired Fusion GPS was getting its information from Igor, Yuri and Sergei.

When Trump said it was the Democrats who were colluding with the Russians, he’s both trolling and uttering a true statement.

But the reporter’s question is instructive insofar as it reveals the mindset of the press, and many of the assumptions they’ve made without really knowing if there’s anything to support what they’ve decided to believe.

She wants to know if the president has decided not to fire Mueller and Rosenstein because of the potential political implications. The question simply assumes that Trump wants to fire them and would do so if he thought he could get away with it. I think he’d be right on the merits to do so, but what I think or what she thinks are irrelevant. You can’t assume he wants to fire them if he’s never said so, and he hasn’t, nor does he here:

I’d say “hoax” is about as accurate a word as you could use to describe this whole thing. As a matter of public impression, the Trump-loves-Russia thing seems to have been based on little more than Trump making some mildly respectful statements about Vladimir Putin, and saying he’d rather have a good relationship with Russia than a bad one. Any other presidential candidate could conceivably say the exact same thing, but every word out of the mouth of Donald Trump has to be overreacted to as absurdly as possible.

As for the investigation into collusion? What is it based on besides the fake Steele dossier and some drunken boasts by a guy named George Papadapolous? Anything at all?

And yet this thing goes on and on and on . . . without Mueller having shown us anything that validates the original reason for launching the investigation. You can argue that firing Mueller would be a political mistake, but how can you argue on the merits of the job he’s done that he deserves to have it one more day?

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