Trump: When people enter the country illegally, deport them immediately without judges or court cases

By Dan Calabrese

I don’t think he’s advocating this for every illegal immigrant already in the country, although that’s what the media will try to tell you he means.

I think what he’s saying is this: When someone tries to sneak across the border and the Border Patrol catches them, just turn them around and send them right back. Don’t lock them up. Don’t put them through a process. Don’t put them in front of a judge. Just make them immediately turn around and go back where they came from (presumably Mexico, although I suppose it could apply to Canada too).

This would require a change in the law, but it seems to me this is actually more compassionate to illegal entrants than locking them up and putting them through a criminal prosecution. If you simply make them immediately turn around and go back, it’s like they never crossed the border at all. Assuming they haven’t run afoul of any laws in the country they came from, they’re in the clear.

My argument against this policy would be that it removes any disincentive not to sneak across the border. If all that happens is that you’re going to get immediately turned around and sent back, then what’s the down side of continuing to try again and again and again . . . until you finally make it through? If there are no court cases, there may not even be any record of your previous attempts. You can try and fail 20 times – each time simply getting turned around and sent back – and if you make it across on attempt 21, you’re in. Besides, the more you try it, the better you get to know the system, the potential pitfalls and the vulnerabilities of the border. If you’re relentless enough, chances are you’re going to make it eventually.

You’re actually making it harder on the border-sneaker if you arrest them and put them through the judicial process.

Sounds to me like neither the president nor his critics thought this one through very carefully.

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