Uh-oh. CNN saddened to learn that most normal people don’t care much about Manafort and Cohen

By Robert Laurie

If you spend all your time watching, studying, and analyzing politics, it’s easy to start thinking that the stuff you care about is the stuff everyone cares about.  That’s just a normal side effect of life in the political bubble. Whether you love Trump or hate him, it’s easy to assume the outrage you’re feeling is being experienced everywhere.

If you’re a member of the media, particularly anti-Trump outlets like CNN and MSNBC, you rely on this idea. No one clicks, read, or watches good news and you pay the bills by putting eyeballs on content. So, selling anger and hysteria is simply what you do. 

The problem is, it doesn’t seem to be working.  In the old days TV news told people what to think and, at least to some extent, that’s what people thought. That, however, was before news nets spent 25 years shredding their credibility. Now, they’re no longer trusted and their influence has dwindled substantially.

It’s a lesson CNN learned the hard way, when it sent a camera crew into Pennsylvania to see if their non-stop, 24/7, scandal coverage was having the desired effect.

In other words, people care about jobs, bank accounts, retirement, and putting food on the table.  Go figure.

As James Carville used to say, it really is “the economy, stupid.”

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