VIDEO: Gregg Jarrett, Sebastian Gorka preview the left’s smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh

Screengrab via ABC News

By Dan Calabrese

“This is going to be worse than Robert Bork.”

If you’re not old enough to remember how despicable that was, strap in. Chuck Schumer has already announced that he will oppose Schumer “with everything I have”, and Schumer has some horrible stuff. It’s going to get really nasty. That’s hard to imagine when you think about the man we saw on stage last night, with his family, and with everything President Trump told us about his life and his character.

But you know the left hates virtue, right? It’s coming:

Just calling him names won’t matter, of course. Only two things can derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation:

  1. A scandal. I started to type a “legitimate scandal,” but the truth is the scandal doesn’t have to be legitimate. The Democrats and the media just have to be able to sell it to themselves.
  2. Something in his record, or something he says during confirmation hearings, to give Susan Collins and/or Lisa Murkowski an excuse to accuse him of plotting to overturn Roe v. Wade.

There is a wild card here, and that’s Rand Paul, who is not really a Republican but is in fact a rigid libertarian in the mold of his father Ron Paul. Don’t be surprised if Paul finds something in Kavanaugh’s service to the Bush Administration that causes him to express his deep, deep concerns, and possibly even declare at some point that he will not vote for Kavanaugh.

But the game Paul usually plays is that he will vote no if there are enough votes to get something or someone through, but he doesn’t want to be responsible for the thing failing. If two or three Democrats (likely Manchin, Heitkamp and Donnelly) commit to confirm Kavanaugh, you could see Rand Paul vote no as a demonstration of his “principles,” but if it comes down to him he will almost certainly vote to confirm.

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