Watch DNC Deputy Chair try desperately NOT to say that Dems want to repeal your tax cut

By Robert Laurie

For Democrats, there’s no tax increase too massive, no tax-and-spend black hole they won’t throw your money into, and no social program too fiscally irresponsible for them to support.  They’ve never met a tax hike they couldn’t justify and, if they run into any trouble, they just trot out the old “the rich don’t play their fair share” line.

Conversely, Democrats hate cutting taxes.  Their entire agenda is built upon the idea that everything you have belongs to the government, and you should be grateful you’re allowed to keep any of it.  It’s your patriotic duty to give until it hurts and you filthy ingrates had better not start whining. How dare you ask to hang on to even a slightly larger chunk of your hard-earned cash?

It shouldn’t even be a question we need to debate, but you can rest assured that, should Democrats retake Congress, they’ll do everything in their power to eliminate the recent Trump tax cuts.

Deputy DNC Chair, Keith Ellison, is trying desperately not to tell you that.  He knows his party’s position is completely toxic so, just like Democrats back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, he’s trying to sound like something akin to a fiscal conservative.

His problem is that, if someone tries to pin him down, he can’t decide who he’s trying to pander to.   In the clip below, you’ll see MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki demand to know what the Democrat party has planned for your taxes.

Take a wild guess….

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