Watch Ted Cruz question Mark Zuckerberg about the censoring of conservatives on Facebook

By Dan Calabrese

At least he got him to admit that Silicon Valley is a very left-wing place, as if anyone didn’t know that.

Is it proof that the bias is intentional and agenda-driven? Or is it a case of the company’s internal culture manifesting as more or less the same thing?

Cruz doesn’t hold back:

Zuckerberg doesn’t know of any Democrat candidates being taken down, or, or Planned Parenthood, which probably means it didn’t happen because they’d scream long and loud if it did. It might also be a product of the fact that conservatives don’t typically lodge complaints about liberals and demand that they be silenced, whereas I think it’s fair to say that liberals . . . do.

Was anything accomplished here? To the extent that this whole thing turned into an everybody-bitches-about-Facebook session, probably not. You’d think Zuckerberg would come away from this wanting to mute such criticisms if it’s reasonably easy to do, but I’m not sure it is. The people he hired to make these decisions really do think Diamond and Silk are unsafe for the community, so how do you write and enforce new guidelines that will get them to start deciding differently?

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