What I heard on vacation from real people is nothing like what you hear on the news

By Herman Cain

We just returned from a week of vacation. We encountered dozens of people who were complimentary of conservative (fewer taxes, less government, more individual responsibility) points of view expressed on my radio show, web site, Facebook and my Fox News/Fox Business appearances.

Airline pilots, flight attendants, room service personnel, baggage handlers, restaurant wait staff, drivers, small business owners, big business executives, real retirees and a lot of people I did not even know expressed support of the direction of the nation, and not the liberal media noise chamber.

Those are the real people who are not gullible to the liberal media’s constant assault on President Trump and his administration, and the constant resistance by elected Democrats to anything and anybody Trump.

Refusing to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a restaurant is insulting and disrespectful, based on nothing but unfounded hatred and disrespect of President Trump. It is also a total disregard for the results this administration is producing. Incidents like this show that some people have drunk the media Kool-Aid and are asking for refills.

Then we have Maxine Waters calling for public protest against any members of the Trump administration, which is obviously not civility over disagreements and peaceful protests as she claims. She and her liberal allies have produced no positive results for decades, so now they have no alternative except to take incivility to a new and potentially violent low.

But! They will blame President Trump and his administration, no matter what happens good or bad. Case in point! The illegal southern border crisis is about enforcing the immigration laws, but the liberal left has made it about separating families. Our laws cannot be ignored to accommodate a bleeding-heart liberal’s sympathy.

The good news is that the real people I encounter and talk with daily as mentioned above do not share the views of the Maxine Waters concerning this nation. Real people are the ones who elected President Trump, and are thrilled with the leadership and results he is showing.

The lens of real people is what they experience in their daily lives. It’s not the vicious rhetoric of the liberal left (more taxes, more government and more free stuff). Real people love the direction of the country, and they know the notions of the gullible do not represent their view of the nation.

The narrow lens of the liberal left is a fast track to more socialism, which real people reject.