Yes, Trump is a bull in a china shop . . . and the china shop needs to be wrecked

Photo credit: Mark Taylor via Flickr

By Dan Calabrese

The more I think about it, the more convinced I become that only a president with this little regard for manners could have done what Donald Trump is doing – and needs to be doing.

He’s right about the swamp. He’s right about the Deep State. He’s right about the political class. It’s a largely bipartisan cabal of self-serving poseurs who have stuck the nation with $21 trillion in debt and more than $100 trillion in unfunded entitlement obligations, all while making sure to protect their own status at all costs.

You’ve come to recognize their language. Whether it’s the elected officials, the bureaucracy or their media friends, they all use it. Distrust what they tell you? You’re a “conspiracy theorist.” Aren’t convinced by their global warming claims? You’re a “denier,” just like those lunatics who deny the Holocaust took place. No difference.

Don’t want people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton having the power of the presidency? Racist! Sexist!

Believe the Bible? Hater!

And understand, if you challenge their position, they have ways of dealing with you. The IRS can audit you. The Department of Justice can investigate you for . . . whatever. A campaign-funded dossier full of over-the-top allegations will serve as all the pretext they need. The SEC, the FCC or the EPA can take a very close look into how you do things. They may have questions. They may demand documents. You might want to hire a lawyer. This could take awhile.

Into this morass comes Donald Trump, a man no one would mistake for a moral prude and who doesn’t seem too concerned about it. A man who will never be mistaken for the slick Bill Clinton, the genteel George W. Bush or the smooth Barack Obama as presidential comportment goes. A man who has no intention of showing you his tax returns because it’s none of your damn business, and he’s guessing you don’t care as long as he takes on this racket.

That he is doing. It has not been pretty. It has not been smooth. The swamp has fought back, hard. The nation is unnerved and doesn’t like what’s going on, and yet not all of the public’s discomfort is with Trump. Not even most of it. The public sees what’s going on. It sees an out-of-control special counsel investigation whose leaders defy lawful congressional subpoenas. It sees government officials routinely leaking classified information and not caring at all. It sees a Supreme Court confirmation process turned into a complete circus.

Trump gets few points for style. He publicly fights with his own attorney general. He rants – sometimes incoherently – on social media. He upsets just about everyone. And yet the absurdity he’s inspired in response is from the people we were supposed to believe we the responsible, mature adults. They’re proving themselves to be underhanded, untrustworthy and devious – more concerned with their own personal agendas than with the good of the nation.

I’m not so sure the nation would be seeing this so clearly if Scott Walker or Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio had become president. Any of the above would have considered it a priority for the president to maintain his proper comportment while trying – and probably failing – to disrupt the status quo. Donald Trump is an expert at disrupting things, and one of the things that makes him an expert is the realization that when you disrupt things, people will get upset, and if that bothers you then someone else needs to be the disrupter.

Trump does not care. He seems to rather enjoy it.

As some of us expected, since taking office, Trump has been like a bull in a china shop, shattering precious things left and right. It has been at times cringeworthy to witness. But the china shop is the problem. The precious things need to be shattered. And the bull is the only one willing or able to do it.

This is not going to get any prettier. I actually think it will get uglier before it’s done. We aren’t going to like some of what’s yet to be revealed, and we’ll be horrified that it was happening under our noses for so long. None of this will be enjoyable.

But it is the most necessary thing that’s happened in this country in a long time. That’s why we sent in that bull.

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