Fox News Appearances

Fox News Video: Amazon is not the problem with the Post Office

By Herman Cain This morning on Fox & Friends I was asked my thoughts on the president’s tweets concerning Amazon and the Post Office. The truth is there is a lot more wrong with the


Trump agrees with audience member: Repealing the 2nd Amendment is tyranny

By Robert Laurie Democrats want the 2nd Amendment gone.  The elimination of your right to bear arms has been at or near the top of their agenda for years.  For a long time, they danced

Federal Spending

Trump, GOP consider rarely used Impoundment Act to rescind some of the omnibus spending

By Dan Calabrese If they actually do it, it will be an act of boldness not seen by congressional Republicans in . . . OK, I can’t think of an example. It’s the sort of

FBI Corruption

New Strzok/Page texts indicate coordination between Obama WH, FBI, CIA and Harry Reid at the launch of Russia probe

By Robert Laurie It’s getting hard to keep track of all the lies Democrats have told about the investigation into supposed “Russian collusion” with the Trump campaign. From the origins of “the dossier,” to the


Jeb! implies that Donald Trump’s kids don’t love their father – Donald Trump Jr. absolutely demolishes him for it

By Robert Laurie                                                                 

Free Speech

Laura Ingraham finds out: You must not criticize David Hogg; he will sic the dogs on your advertisers

By Dan Calabrese Has this fine young man acquired enough power that it’s OK to start holding him accountable yet? Apparently it’s precisely because he’s acquired so much power that we now can’t. Laura Ingraham’s trouble


CNN agape as their poll shows Trump approval jumping to 11-month high, GOP midterm hopes slowly brighten

By Robert Laurie                                                                 


They can’t get gun control, so Democrats introduce ‘common sense’ bullet control legislation

By Robert Laurie                                                                 


Retired liberal Justice John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

By Dan Calabrese He’s 97 years old and he’s not going to be around to see it happen, and all reasonable odds would suggest it never will happen. But before an idea like this can



By Robert Laurie