FBI Corruption

DOJ inspector general: Prosecute Andrew McCabe

By Dan Calabrese I guess “lack of candor” is a pretty serious thing. That’s especially true when it’s a euphemism for lying about who might have leaked information to the media when it fact it


FDA recommends approval of marijuana-derived drug that doesn’t get you high

By Dan Calabrese So that’s it, right? We can end all the nonsense about weed being “medicine” because the properties in weed that get you high are not the same ones that can help with


Raul Castro ‘steps down’ . . . and remains in complete control of Cuba

By Dan Calabrese Maybe you don’t remember when we used to pay attention to the shams that were communist governments around the globe. One thing that was understood back then was that you didn’t necessarily


Planned Parenthood spearheads coalition dumping $30 million into liberal midterm campaigns

By Robert Laurie Poor, poor, underfunded Planned Parenthood. If you believe their propaganda, they desperately need federal cash, so they can perform all those “not abortion” services they provide. Why, eliminating their access to taxpayer


NBC News/WSJ poll shows Hillary is getting even LESS popular as time goes by

By Robert Laurie If you believe the press, the nation is in mourning. The 2016 election supposedly gave us a chance to usher in a new golden era of liberalism, and we didn’t take it.

Pure Evil

Cal State Fresno professor: It’s a darn good thing that racist Barbara Bush is dead

By Dan Calabrese There’s no time like the death of a beloved 92-year-old woman to tar her as a dirty racist, at least not if you’re Randa Jarrar. An English professor at Cal State Fresno,


Federal court rules Ohio has no right not to fund Planned Parenthood

By Dan Calabrese Apparently Planned Parenthood has rights no one else has, among them the right to receive state funding even if the state legislature doesn’t want to provide any such funding. Try to follow

FBI Corruption

James Comey whines that the GOP ‘left him and many others’ …when it supported a candidate who could win

By Robert Laurie I look forward to the day when someone asks me, “what was the name of that guy who ran the FBI and spent all his time whining?” I’ll think for a moment

FBI Corruption

Eric Holder: ‘Yeah. I’m thinking about’ running for President

By Robert Laurie We’ve discussed the rumors before.  Eric Holder, the former attorney general and ethically challenged Fast & Furious centerpiece, wants to be President.  At one point, there was some buzz about his placement

Philadelphia Plane Crash

Passenger-shot Facebook video inside plane seconds before Philadelphia crash is pretty freaky

By Dan Calabrese His attempt to broadcast a Facebook Live to tell his family he loved them – just in case – didn’t turn out so well, which would come as no surprise to anyone