Member of Snoop Dogg’s crew calls on rappers to assault Kanye West for . . . you know what

By Dan Calabrese I guess this isn’t really all that different from what unions do. You do’ wanna be in da union? We’ll knock on your door tonight and have a little talk with you.

Iran Nuclear Deal

JUST RELEASED VIDEO: Netanyahu outlines evidence of Iran’s cheating on nuclear deal

By Dan Calabrese If you’re surprised that Iran lied, hid the truth and cheated on the nuclear deal it negotiated with Barack Obama and John Kerry in 2015, I think someone needs to explain to

International Relations

Breaking, not shocking: Netanyahu to release ‘dramatic’ intel showing Iran violating the nuclear ‘deal’

By Robert Laurie If you’re still foolish enough to believe that Iran is honoring – or ever had any intention of honoring – the “nuclear deal,” well ….we pity you.  Even if you ignore the


Not that you’re going to hear about it, but America got an awful lot of good news in the past week

By Herman Cain I can’t remember when, in over eight years of doing a radio show, I’ve had so much good news to talk about in one day. Do you realize how many positive results


Reuters: Millennial support for the Democratic Party dropped 9% in less than two years

By Robert Laurie Maybe Democrats haven’t been screaming “racism” loudly enough. Perhaps they haven’t pandered to just the right subsets of the country they’re trying to divide. It could be that all the free stuff

North Korea

Bowl Cut Jr.: If U.S. promises not to invade us, we’ll give up our nukes

By Dan Calabrese I’m not so sure I make this deal, at least not if this is all we get. Even if the Norks really do give up their nukes, what’s really changed if they’re

Beltway Subculture

There was nothing offensive about Michelle Wolf’s WHCD comedy routine . . . unless you’re offended by unfunniness

By Dan Calabrese If you are one of those people who sat down and watched the White House Correspondents Dinner – and didn’t have to – I don’t know about you. If you’re one of

Political Slander

War: Trump goes off on lying Democrat Sen. Jon Tester for slandering Dr. Ronny Jackson

By Dan Calabrese There are times when Donald Trump’s refusal to operate according to the established rules of Washington is so desperately needed, it reminds you of why some of us overlooked so many of

North Korea

South Korea’s Foreign Minister: ‘clearly credit goes to President Trump’ – CNN hardest hit.

By Robert Laurie Earlier, we talked a bit about how crestfallen the Democrats, the NeverTrumpers, and their media allies are.  The possible end of the Korean War has ruined their day.  Most of the usual

North Korea

President Trump, Kim Jong Un, Moon Jae-in announce that the Korean War will end later this year

By Robert Laurie Announcements of pending announcements are always weird.  You want to get excited about what’s happening, but there’s quite a way to go before its official, and everything could fall apart before things