Today in calling women the C-word!

TBS: Hey, Samantha Bee apologized, and an apology always takes care of it

By Dan Calabrese This apparently became the standard within the past hour or two. When it was Roseanne and ABC an apology was nowhere near enough to save the offender. But come on. Nothing was

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Samantha Bee awarded prestigious ‘social change’ award – one day after calling Ivanka Trump a ‘C***t’

By Robert Laurie The world has gone mad. If you read my thoughts on Roseanne the other day, you’ll know I think ABC was well within its rights to cancel her show.  Frankly, she’s been

Today in calling women the C-word!

Samantha Bee calls Ivanka Trump a c*** on her show; cancellation announcement not yet forthcoming

By Dan Calabrese Language warning, not that you haven’t heard the word or aren’t aware of it. But I’m guessing most of you, when you watch TV, make considerably more high-class choices than this. It’s

Today in Racism!

There’s no defending the tweet, but I suspect ABC had another motive in cancelling Roseanne

By Herman Cain It’s really not too hard to figure out, is it? When ABC brought back Roseanne, it was following a recent trend of lots of old TV shows being brought back. We’ve already

Today in Racism!

VIDEO: Roseanne writer Wanda Sykes, who quit over Valerie Jarrett being called an ape, calling Donald Trump an orangutan

By Dan Calabrese It’s OK. It’s not like it was racist. She was probably just making a play on words in reference to the color of Trump’s skin. Because that wouldn’t be racist. Oh wait.


Ukranian officials faked death of Arkady Babchenko to smoke out would-be Russian assassins

By Dan Calabrese Wow. This gets better by the hour. First we tell you a Russian journalist who’d been a fierce Kremlin critic was shot dead last night in Kiev. Then we have to update


New Right Track/Wrong Track poll is terrible news for Democrats

By Robert Laurie If you pay any attention to the liberal media, or Democrat talking heads, you’d think the end is nigh. They claim The United States is in decline – a racist, misogynist, paranoid

Today in Racism!

Come on, the left loves Roseanne’s racist tweet because now they can shove another ‘teachable moment’ down our throats

By Dan Calabrese One of the biggest falsehoods in the world today is that liberals hate racism. They most certainly do not. They love it. Racism is the lifeblood of the left. Racism provides the


Russian opposition journalist mysteriously shot dead in Ukraine; UPDATE: Or not, AP tweets he just showed up at a press conference

By Dan Calabrese UPDATE: Emily Litella here to say “never mind!” The AP has just tweeted that Arkady Babchenko showed up this morning at a press conference, very much alive. Here’s more from Reuters: A


ABC cancels Roseanne after tweet attacking Valerie Jarrett

By Dan Calabrese That was quick. From the biggest hit of the season to gonzo. Just like that. I guess ratings cut you only so much slack. Or maybe that statement applies only selectively, depending