Esquire magazine editor-at-large wants to ‘take your guns. All of your guns. Right now.’

By Robert Laurie “No one wants to take your guns.”  As I’ve written before, that’s always been the left’s most easily identifiable lie. It’s never even been a question. Of course they want to take

FBI Corruption

Rosenstein, Wray give into Trump’s demand; IG will investigate FBI irregularities in its treatment of the Trump campaign

By Dan Calabrese The most important detail here is that Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general, is the one who will conduct the inquiry. It won’t be Rosenstein. It won’t be Wray. It won’t

People Being Dumb

Please Democrats, believe the report that says Twitter bots elected Donald Trump

By Robert Laurie Democrats are still desperate to explain their 2016 loss, and they’re desperate to do so without admitting that Hillary Clinton personifies most of their horrible, unworkable, rejected, beliefs. The candidate herself has


Democrats pretty psyched: If they win the mid-terms, get ready for Investigationpalooza!

By Dan Calabrese As you think about what might happen in November’s mid-terms, you might think, “Hey, if the Democrats take the House, it won’t be so bad. After all, they probably won’t take the


This is all they’ve got: Keith Ellison in a Trump wig singing about porn stars

By Robert Laurie The Democrat engines have sputtered and flamed out.  Now, they’re in a steep, out of control, dive – spiraling into the 2018 midterms like Goose in Top Gun.  So, they’re trying anything


Are you ready for ObamaTV? Netflix and 44 have a deal . . .

By Dan Calabrese We’ve known for several months that this was in the works, and today Netflix made it official. It makes perfect sense to me that Obama would be involved in producing fictional stories.


DNC pads disastrous April fundraising report – still the lowest midterm amount in 12 years

By Robert Laurie The “Blue Wave” is coming, everyone.  It’s going to roll across California, flood the deserts, swamp the Rocky mountains, and then drench everything from Kansas to Maine.  There’s simply no stopping it,

Mueller Investigation

Former top Bill & Hillary advisor begs for end to Russia probe – ‘to protect us all’

By Robert Laurie If you have a hazy recollection of the name Mark Penn, congratulations.  You’ve been following politics for at least two decades. Penn was a pollster, and high-level advisor to Bill Clinton throughout


Socialist thug Nicolas Maduro ‘wins’ Venezuelan ‘elections’ while people flee and starve

By Dan Calabrese You realize it’s not a real election when political opposition is put in jail, and when the only party that has any sort of legal status controls everything from the polling to

FBI Corruption

Trump to Justice Department: How about investigating the Obama FBI having a mole infiltrate my campaign?

By Dan Calabrese Why yes, how about it? And there are really only two questions we need the answers to where this is concerned: Was there really a legitimate criminal case, based on reliable evidence,