AZ Dem candidate Kyrsten Sinema seems to think AZ is awful, warns you not to let your state turn into AZ, isn't a 'proud Democrat'

Earlier in the week, Dan told you that Arizona Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema was “stumbling.”  That was a polite way of saying her campaign has devolved into something of a train wreck. In fact, even as the polls continue to narrow, she’s emerged as the greatest gaffe-machine since Joe Biden.

First, she botched a chance to say she “regretted” comments in which she indicated it was “fine” for Americans to go fight with the Taliban.

Most of us probably prefer Senate candidates with a more negative view of committing treason, but if she wants to stick to her guns, good for her. Let it be known that she has not walked back her opinion that joining the Taliban is a “personal decision.”

Then, we were treated to the following clip in which she refers to Arizona – the state she wants to represent – the “meth lab of democracy.”

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Wow.  It’s hard to watch that and think the Grand Canyon State is anything less than horrible

I’m personally not from Arizona, so I can’t say precisely how that will play, but I’m willing to bet most people aren’t nuts about having their state compared to Walter White’s van. Certainly, all states have their problems, but most candidates opt for a more positive tone that focuses on the better parts of their respective districts. Kyrsten Sinema has bravely chosen to go the other way.

In fact, Sinema herself seems to think the state is disgusting.  Why, she can barely say the word “Arizona” without showing you how distasteful it is.

Does Kyrsten Sinema despise her own state?

She’d like to warn you that it’s easy for a nice state like yours to become a steaming pile like Arizona.  Folks in places like Michigan, Vermont, Washington, and Colorado had better watch out, because in no time at all their state could wind up like the state Kyrsten Sinema calls home.

So, it seems pretty clear that Kyrsten Sinema doesn’t care much for her state.  Maybe it’s that dry desert heat, or maybe it’s just the people she can’t stand. Regardless, she’s still an up-and-comer in the Democratic Party, right?  She must be proud of that.

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Asked if she was a “proud Democrat” Sinema replied, “Gosh, it’s hard to say ‘proud.’ I don’t know that — I’m not sure that people are even proud of parties anymore, because I feel like the parties are not doing a good job. So I would say that I’m a proud Arizonan. That’s something I’m very proud of. And I’m proud of the work that I have done in Washington, DC, and the work I’ve done in the state Senate and the statehouse before going to Congress. But I’m not particularly proud of the parties.”

She was then asked why, if she holds political parties in such contempt, she doesn’t run as an independent. Her answer was blunt.

“Yeah. Tried that once, remember? Didn’t work.”

So, to sum up, we have a sardonic, condescending candidate who thinks voters will respond to her superior air of snarky deprecation. I’d say the modern Democratic Party is the perfect place for her. After all, if her party’s top brass can barely hide their contempt for the American people, why should she?