CNN on 2018 midterms: Dems nervous, have nothing but hate to combat Trump’s rising poll numbers

By Robert Laurie

We’ve talked quite a bit about the alleged “blue wave.” Democrats claim the 2018 midterms are going to be swamped by a massive left-wing tsunami that will wash Republicans out to a very unfriendly sea.  Republicans, so far, have been content to shrug and say: “put up or shut up.”

However, the last few weeks have offered some indication that the blue wave may – like the notion that Hillary could win in 2016 – be nothing more than a Dem-promulgated fairy tale.  Trump’s poll numbers are on the way up, the Dems’ generic ballot advantage is narrowing, and their constant hate-Trump drumbeat has done nothing but make his rabid detractors even more rabid.

That rage-fueled enthusiasm could turn into a massive 2018 turnout, or it could fizzle.  And – as this CNN panel notes – Democrats are getting increasingly worried that it’s to be the latter…

Apparently, offering “nothing but hate” is not working out as well as Dems had hoped it would…

Here’s the thing.  As I mentioned above, it’s still entirely possible that the left’s anger will translate into votes.  It’s awfully early to start thinking things are going the GOP’s way.  However, people like to vote for something – not just against.  The DNC is offering nothing in the way of a positive message.  They just scream about Trump, and then they tell you they want to raise your taxes.

One of the panelists suggests they stay focused on the economy…which will be problematic since most people are pretty satisfied with the direction we’re heading.  So, what else have they got?  Immigration?  Nope. Maybe shouting racism and transgender bathrooms will come back?

If they can’t find a positive message by November – unlikely, given the dichotomy between centrists and their base – they’re in for a world of disappointment.


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