By Robert Laurie

Democrats think this is helping their cause. They think that, if they say something enough, the media will repeat it ad nauseum and eventually people will believe it. No matter how crazy or over the top their rhetoric gets, they believe you’ll hear it so often that you’ll buy into the histrionics. There’s a fair case to be made that things used to work that way. Sorry, Dems. Things have changed.

The old schtick isn’t working anymore.

These days, when you go off the rails like “Mad” Maxine Waters, Nancy “Crumbs” Pelosi, or Hillary “Deplorables” Clinton, the media will still do their best for you, but the people have stopped falling for it. Oh sure, they’ll toe the line in New York and California, but the rest of the country rolls its eyes and goes about its business.

Today’s example comes to us from Cory Booker. He thinks we’re in a “moral moment” and that supporting Brett Kavanaugh’s means you are “complicit in the evil.” Then he starts yakking about the “valley of the shadow of death.” …And yes, he seems pretty confident that his sound bite will stick.

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That may be the most succinct, ridiculous, and completely hollow set of scare tactics I’ve ever seen.  Virtually no one on either side has come up with a legitimate reason why you should be so afraid of Kavanaugh.  The only thing they tell you is that you should be filled with fear, then they bring in the strawmen and scream about Trump.

Kavanaugh is a fine choice for SCOTUS. Barring some sort of shocking new info, he’s going to be confirmed.  Congressional lefties will put on a big show, but it will all be theater. Since ‘no’ votes would their hurt their re-election chances, Democrat leadership will quietly free red states Dems to confirm him, and he’ll eventually sail through with a solid margin.

So, Cory Booker, continue your unhinged rants. They make your party look like a gaggle of unhinged loons, they won’t have any substantive impact, and they’ll make great GOP commercials one day.

Please, give us more.

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