Democrat nonsense on the Syria attack is even more absurd than normal

By Herman Cain

No action against Syria for its chemical attack on its own people was not an option. The president and his advisors made that very clear. But no matter what decision was made the Democrats would not agree. That’s just what they do, to the point of being in denial and even deceiving their voters with false and fabricated information.

Example! Before the smoke cleared over the three Syrian targets, several Democrats claimed that President Trump did not have the authority to approve such an attack. The politically correct response to that claim would be that it’s not true. The direct response is that it’s a lie. They should read and understand all of the Constitution.

Over on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow said she was not supportive of the strike against Syria because this administration is in chaos, and she sees no clear strategy for the strike.

First, the administration is not in chaos. The president is making changes to have more people he can trust for unbiased feedback on issues. Every CEO of an organization goes through that process, but she would not know that since she has never been a CEO. Second, the administration and its allies do not owe her a strategy she would accept, because her history is that this president can do nothing right.

But the deceptions don’t stop there.

Senator Corey Booker (D-New Jersey) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) have both publicly stated that the tax cuts people are experiencing are going to cause cuts in Social Security and Medicare. Wrong again! Those programs are on a trajectory to cut themselves if they are not reformed in a major way. Current revenue inflows cannot sustain long-term revenue outflows.

Lack of presidential authority, an administration in chaos, the tax cuts not working – these are just some of the false narratives Democrats and liberals are pushing to resist anything Trump. Add to this list investigations to nowhere, slow-walking judicial appointments, not wanting to secure our Southern border, trying to derail the Mike Pompeo nomination for Secretary of State, and you have a list of talking points to resist this president and our national prosperity that are fit for no one but Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrom.

Results will win in the end, just like butter rises to the top. We just have to keep churning, exposing the deception and telling people the truth.

That’s just what we do.