Deported illegal tries to sneak back in to molest kids in a church; Detroit police, border patrol nab him

Photo credit: U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

By Dan Calabrese

Do you think it would be OK with the left and the media if we kick people like this guy out of the country?

I don’t agree with most of the criticisms of ICE and the Border Patrol, but let’s assume for the sake of discussion that maybe some of these criticisms are worth taking seriously. Does that justify the all-out attacks on these agencies, not to mention local police departments? The left wants ICE abolished completely. California Democrats want to make it impossible for police officers to defend themselves against lethal threats.

Apparently there is never a reason for either one to exist. No bad people sneak across the border! All immigrants are saints!

Well . . . maybe not all:

An undocumented immigrant and wanted sex offender has been arrested by U.S. Border Patrol agents and police in Detroit, officials said.

Authorities have identified the man as Yemaneh Gebremedhin, 53, an immigrant from Eritrea, a country in northeast Africa on the Red Sea coast.

Border Patrol officials said agents were called by the Detroit Police on Tuesday to help identify a man who had attempted to get into a Detroit church that has a child care facility. The facility’s workers denied the man entry because of his criminal sexual background and called police, the Border Patrol said.

Agents questioned the man and identified him as Gebremedhin, officials said. He was taken to the agency’s Detroit station to be processed.

Investigators learned Gebremedhin was convicted in 2015 of gross sexual imposition and was wanted in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, for failing to register as a sex offender.

They also learned he is in the United States illegally and was ordered removed from the country in June 2016, according to officials.

I realize municipal government in Detroit has a difficult recent history – bankruptcy, a mayor going to prison, etc. – but at least we can say that not every Democrat-run city is determined to be a “sanctuary city.”

Of course, when you’re situated right on the border, you understand a little more than some about the foolishness of that position. You can laugh about it if you want, but yes, dangerous people do indeed try to come across the border from Windsor into Detroit. In the age of Justin Trudeau you’re not going to have much trouble getting into Canada, and once you get to Windsor it’s a crap shoot whether you can make it past customs into the U.S. after crossing the Ambassador Bridge or traversing the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

Apparently Gebremedhin made it across, but somehow the people at that church got wise to who he is and called the police. Thank God our mayor is Mike Duggan and not Ted Wheeler.

And kudos to Detroit police for recognizing they needed help and contacting the Border Patrol. It’s an example of local government and the feds working together as they should, which might be news to the leaders of many other liberal cities who are determined to assist lawbreakers as a way of resisting Donald Trump.

If Gebremedhin had made his way Oakland or Portland, church kids might have ended up being raped. Let it be known we don’t play that s*** here in the Motor City.

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