Did James Comey just accuse himself of obstruction of justice? No room left under the bus!

By Robert Laurie

First, James Comey threw Hillary Clinton under the bus by listing all of her many crimes – even if he decided no prosecutor would ever take the case. Then, he threw Loretta Lynch under the bus with the whole “investigation” vs “matter” thing. Then, Comey threw Sessions under the bus in his January testimony, McCabe threw Comey under the bus by accusing him of perjury, Lynch threw Comey under the bus by saying he never made his concerns clear, and now, there’s barely any room left under the bus for anyone.

However, Comey must have found a little bit of space, because he may just have thrown himself under there.

Comey has now, on multiple occasions, admitted that his actions were influenced by his belief that Hillary Clinton was a lock for the presidency. Here’s the most recent example, with oh-so-totally-unbiased former Clinton aide and Clinton Foundation donor George Stephanopolous:

First of all, how smarmy is it that Comey is referring to himself in the third person?  That just reeks of a dodge.  He was asked if politics played a part in his decision.  He made the call, and he knows why he made it.  “It must have been part of my decision but I kinda-sorta don’t recall” is not a legitimate answer.

Second, if Mrs. Clinton’s political status played a role in his decision making process, it’s possible that he just accused himself of obstruction of justice:

Why do I get the feeling that the more James Comey talks, the more he’s digging himself into a legal hole?

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