Facebook: Diamond and Silk not dangerous; good, now what about the rest of us?

By Robert Laurie

You can rest, now. You’re safe. The days, weeks, and months of terror are at an end. Diamond & Silk, those dastardly black Trump supporters, are “not dangerous.”

This is according to Mark Zuckerberg, who admits that Facebook “mishandled” their page “for months.”  This is shorthand for “enough people have made enough noise that we’re reversing course.”

Here’s the report, via Fox:

So, is anyone buying that this was “just a mistake?”  No?  That’s good.  The fact is, this stinks to high heaven.  Diamond & Silk may be out of the Facebook gulag, but what about the other thousands of conservative Facebook users whose pages have been consigned to the black hole by Zuckerberg’s algorithm?

Lest you think their case is isolated, allow me to direct your attention to the Facebook page of one Mr. Herman Cain.  The boss has 1.5 million followers, and we know with absolute certainty that almost none of them see what we post there. Herman’s made no secret of the fact that our Facebook traffic has suffered a major hit since the algorithm changes early this year.  We’re happy for Diamond & Silk, but remember: If you like free speech, Facebook is not your friend.  The method by which they control what you see is as dirty as the day is long….

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