Game already over: Enjoy this clip of media lefties acknowledging how great Kavanaugh is

By Robert Laurie

Yesterday, I offered this collection of left-wingers indulging in a pre-planned freakout over the Kavanaugh nomination.  This morning, Dan shared a video of some of the same politically-neutered folks screeching and wailing as if the world would soon end. A few minutes ago, the boss explained why he thinks the “stop Kavanaugh” effort is headed for failure. Now, I’ll go him one better.

I think the “stop Kavanaugh” movement is already over.

Oh, sure, Democrats will do a little political kabuki to make it look like they’re putting up a fight but, in any real sense, they know the Bork ship has already sailed. They may patronize their base by shrieking when the cameras are turned on, they may fundraise off the ‘radical’ nomination, and they may use the hearings to get some airtime on CNN but in the end, they’ll be licking their wounds after an all-but-certain confirmation.

The simple fact of the matter is that Kavanaugh is eminently qualified, they all know it, and any claims to the contrary is just a pretense. Collins and Murkowski supported Kavanaugh in the past, and will likely do so again. McCain has already signaled his support. That alone probably kills any hope of stopping the nomination.  Add to it the fact that red state Democrats are going to be under enormous pressure to give him the thumbs up, and Kavanaugh’s success is probably a fait accompli.

Don’t believe me?  Well, then take the word of these media talking heads – many (looking at you Chuck Todd) of whom are basically Democrat propaganda machines – as they offer the Dems some cold, hard, truth.


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