How the media lies to you with headlines like ‘Trump urges turning away immigrants’

By Dan Calabrese

What does Donald Trump think about foreigners who want to immigrate to this country? He hates them, right? He thinks they’re dirty, smelly, lazy lawbreakers and he doesn’t want them here.

That’s what a lot of people think. Is that what Trump really thinks about immigration? Or is that the idea you’ve gotten from headlines and news clips that implied as much?

Trump has given some indications he wants to put more restrictive limits on how many people can come here legally, and that’s an idea worth debating. (Personally I would probably disagree with the limits.) But if such a move were to be made, it would be in the context of how the existing legal immigration process is administered. And the idea wouldn’t be that all or even most immigrants are turned away. There have always been limits. We’re talking about what those limits should be, and how if at all they should be adjusted.

But you get a very different impression from headlines like this one, which Reuters ran yesterday:

“Trump urges turning away immigrants, Congress struggles”

What does it sound from the headline like Trump wants to do? It sounds like he wants to turn away people who seek to immigrate to the United States, doesn’t it? In fact, that’s not what Trump is proposing at all. As we covered yesterday, Trump is proposing that people who are caught trying to illegally sneak across the border simply be sent back on the spot, rather than having them placed into lengthy detention, prosecution and judicial processes. It would have the virtue of never separating families, since there would be no detention and thus no need for the separations. And it would be similar to a police officer telling you to go home and sleep it off rather than bringing you to jail.

The left and the media are in an uproar because they think it’s denial of due process, but it’s really not. It’s just the refusal to let someone who wasn’t supposed to come across the border in the first place stay on this side of the border. I would even argue you’re being too easy on them, because there’d be little risk to them in continuing to try it again and again.

But what can’t be disputed is that Trump’s proposal concerns only those who try to sneak across the border illegally, and he is not talking about immigrants in general, not is he talking in any sense about those who approach legal ports of entry and attempt to enter the United States in accordance with the law.

Yet Reuters tells us breathlessly in its headline that “Trump urges turning away immigrants.”

Why does Reuters do this? Because the media lie for the purpose of selling a narrative about Donald Trump. That’s why, throughout this whole family-separation firestorm, you’ve seen the people involved described by the media as “migrants” or “families” or “immigrants,” with virtually no mention of the fact that they were caught trying to sneak in illegally, and certainly no distinction between them and the people who actually do enter the country legally.

That’s because there’s an agenda at work here, which is to portray Donald Trump as a monster who hates foreign people and poor children, rather than as the man whose job it is to enforce border security and has to grapple with an explosion of people trying to illegally sneak across the border.

Trump has people detained and separated from their children? He’s cruel to families! Trump wants them all detained together? How dare you lock up children! Trump wants to just turn them back and not arrest them at all? He’s destroying due process!

Trump can’t win with these people because, no matter what he does, they will find the way of portraying it that makes him look most negative, and that will be the way they portray it.

They lie to you on a daily basis.

There are plenty of legitimate things to criticize about Donald Trump’s performance as president, and you could do it while reporting the news honestly and accurately. But that is not what we get from our media, which is why so many people defend Trump, in spite of his flaws, against attacks from people who are far more dishonest than Trump could ever hope to be – and insidiously so.

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