Liberal caller threatens to rape one of Susan Collins’s staff if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh

Photo credit: Medill DC via Flickr

By Dan Calabrese

Because the left is very concerned about the rights of women, you understand.

I suppose you could easily play the game of Switch The Parties and ask how the media would cover this if the caller was a conservative and made the threat against a Democrat’s staff member. My guess is we’d see wall-to-wall coverage for at least four days, along with heartfelt monologues from Jimmy Kimmel and whole new excuses for Samantha Bee to drop C-bombs on her cable access talk show.

But you go to war with the media you have, so it’s a good thing you’re reading about this here. Via the Wall Street Journal, which also had the rare good judgment to consider this worth covering:

Another pressure tactic, one Ms. Collins says she finds “incredibly offensive,” is “the out-of-state voicemails being left on the answering machines of my state offices.” Many of the messages are profane. “In one case—and we are going to turn this over to the police, but unfortunately, of course, the person didn’t leave a name or number—but they actually threatened to rape one of my young female staffers.”

The Senator’s office also has been receiving coat hangers in the mail, a grisly attempt to insinuate that a Justice Kavanaugh would restrict abortion rights. About 3,000 have arrived so far. “I am pleased to say,” Ms. Collins says with a small chuckle, “we had a group that has a thrift shop that helps low-income women ask us for 300 of the hangers. So at least 300 of them have gone to a very good cause.”

Even diehard opponents of Judge Kavanaugh must recognize the unseemly nature of this bid to intimidate a U.S. Senator. Not that it will work. “I’m going to do what I think is right,” Ms. Collins says. “I am going to cast my vote—as I have done on all of the other Supreme Court nominees that I’ve been called upon to consider—based on his qualifications, his character and integrity, judicial temperament, his record, and his respect for the rule of law and fidelity to the Constitution.”

I am not a fan of Susan Collins for a variety of reasons, but kudos to her for refusing to bow to these threats – and even more so, going public about them. I tend to doubt many of the claims public figures make of “death threats” and so forth, but the claims take on a lot more legitimacy in my mind when the target actually takes them to the police and has recordings. That appears to be the case here.

Kavanaugh opponents have also raised more than $1 million on a crowdfunding site, and are threatening to donate it to Collins’s opponent in the next election unless she votes against Kavanaugh. That may not even be legal, but regardless, it does not appear it’s going to work.

The people who are so concerned about women’s rights will have to find someone else to threaten to rape, I guess. Whatever her other faults, it’s not going to intimidate the senator from Maine.

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