The left wants their country to fail – as long as Trump takes the blame

By Robert Laurie

Long time readers will know that I’ve often written of my belief that there’s absolutely nothing the left won’t sacrifice if it serves their broader agenda.  In the blink of an eye, prominent politicos are thrown under the bus, voting blocs are abandoned, and platitudes are jettisoned if they can reap a quick political win.  There isn’t a single sacred cow that they will not slaughter, if  it serves their one all-consuming ideological goal.

They seek the end of the United States as a constitutionally-limited republic and the destruction of the capitalist system.  Different factions may have differing opinions about what they’d like to see this nation become, but that’s the real endgame. They want nothing less than to break down the structure of the nation and reconstitute it in some new form. In my opinion, this is why Trump – a man who embodies pro-capitalist leanings and promises to return the United States to its former glory – represents such an unfathomable nightmare to them.

It used to be that they were cagey about their intentions. Not anymore. Now, they’re openly rooting for the failure of their own nation if it means Donald Trump takes the blame. Listen to Bill Maher, as he hopes for a Recession because he thinks that will rid us of the current President.

Now, I’m old enough to remember a time when Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Barack Obama would fail. His reasoning was that Obama’s policies would be detrimental, so it would be best if he didn’t succeed in implementing them. He took a brutal, and unfair, beating for the left.

That’s not what Maher is arguing.  Maher is actually aware that things are going well, but he so hates Trump that he wants to see economic implosion. He wants to see people lose their homes, their businesses, and their livelihoods, because he thinks that will stave off some sort of nebulous, ill-defined, end of Democracy. What Trump has done to end Democracy we don’t know, because the left never has any concrete examples.  It just a perpetual boogeyman that’s become the embodiment of their collective derangement syndrome.

Then, we have Robert De Niro. He’s a formerly respected actor who made an appearance at the formerly relevant Tony Awards where – for whatever reason – he decided to scream “Fuck Trump” not once, but twice.

The crowd, as you’ll see, went wild:

Now, it’s true that De Niro limited his comments directly to the President himself but keep one thing in mind. De Niro said this, on an internationally televised broadcast, the night before President Trump is scheduled to meet Kim Jong Un at a summit designed to end a 70-year-old conflict and prevent a nuclear war. Can you imagine the left-wing outrage if a conservative actor (yes there are a few) said something like this in front of a room full of millionaires the night before Barack Obama was to undertake such a historic meeting?

It would have been at least a week of scorched-earth media shaming and “look how they hate you” would have been the centerpiece of their political ads.

The simple fact of the matter is these people don’t give a damn about what most of us consider “our country.” To a man, they backed the wrong pony in the last election – sometimes spending millions in the process – and were defeated by someone who personifies everything they despise. They care don’t care if you have a job, they don’t care if you can pay your bills, and they don’t care if you’re happy.

Their concern is limited to their now-upended agenda, and their own bruised egos.

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