THIS is the pro-Trump video you big dummies need to see!

By Robert Laurie

Quincy Jones has no love for President Donald Trump, though he does claim to have dated First Daughter Ivanka.  So, I have no idea what he thinks of this Pro-Trump take on his song, “The Streetbeater.” You’ll know the tune better as “The Theme from Sanford and Son,” and this version is…well, amazing.

This actually hit YouTube back in December, but it just came across our desk this morning here at Cain HQ.  We figured we’d share it, so it can be stuck in your head all day too.

Normally, this is the kind of thing we’d save until Friday, but… without further ado:

In case you want to sing along, and probably drive Quincy nuts in the process, the lyrics are:

His name is Donald …J Trump
His name is Donald
Donald, Donald, Donald Trump
He ain’t no punk, like our former President
He’s gonna make America Great Again

He’s draining the swamp,
And building that wall for Y’all!

President, U.S. of A.
Stop the Democrats, they hate him.
We elected him November 8
There ain’t nothing you can do!

I said his name is Donald Oh!
Donald Donald Donald Trump
Gonna make America Great Again.

Thus ends today’s poetry section.

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