Tim Tebow: Stop using a photo of me praying to justify the anthem-kneelers

By Dan Calabrese

This nonsense has been around for awhile, and it deserves to be knocked down, so we might as well let the man himself do it.

No, Tim Tebow is not kneeling in that photo to protest abortion. No, there is no hypocrisy taking the form of the NFL loving Tebow but hating Kaepernick. In fact, both are out of the league for the same reason: Neither one is a good enough quarterback to merit a roster spot, especially when you consider the outsized attention each gets for non-football reasons (although I think it’s fair to say Kaepernick seeks the attention and Tebow does not).

But Tebow is tired of seeing this on social media and elsewhere, and today for the first time that I know of he spoke publicly about it:

“I think that’s sometimes one of the things that’s a little bit sad is sometimes people will just try to create something that had zero truth,’’ Tebow said Friday before the New York Mets’ Double-A affiliate, the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, were set to play the Trenton Thunder. “I never did anything during a national anthem but stand and support my country. And then stories can get written and they can get put out of proportion so that you believe one thing when you’re asking me a question that was nothing that was part of the truth.’’

Tebow, in his second season playing minor league baseball for the Mets, said it was important to go back to the facts about why he knelt.

“A lot of people even think it was a touchdown celebration,’’ he said. “I never did it to celebrate a touchdown. I did it from my sophomore year in high school all the way through the NFL, that before and after games I would get on a knee to thank my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and also put things into perspective.

“It was never something I did to take away from somebody else. It was just something I did with a personal relationship with my God. So I think that’s just sometimes disappointing when things get taken away from the truth and then it’s just created into whatever somebody wants it to be.’’

Tebow does not attack the anthem-kneelers or voice disapproval for what they’re doing, although he doesn’t endorse it either. He simply wants people to stop pretending what he did is anything like what they’re doing. Getting down on a knee to give glory to God – at a random moment in a game – is not at all the same thing as taking a knee to protest something, specifically because you’re expected to stand in respect at that moment.

That’s what the NFL doesn’t want its players doing. They can express whatever opinion they want, but they can’t refuse to stand during an official league-sanctioned element of the game in which that’s one of the expectations of players. They have to make their point some other way, like, using words and facts.

Of course, facts don’t actually support the notion that police are running rampant and brutally murdering black people out of racial animus, so maybe that’s why the players would rather kneel. The more they actually say, the more ignorant they sound. Their cause is as fake as those Tebow kneeling memes.

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