VIDEO: Jim Acosta makes demand of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, gets his head handed to him

By Dan Calabrese

This is one of the media’s most obnoxious games, so it’s only natural that their most obnoxious member would be the one playing it here.

I don’t need to tell you that CNN’s Jim Acosta is a self-important, grandstanding jerk. That’s like telling you water is wet.

What Acosta tries to do here is, under the guise of asking a question, is basically demand that Sarah Huckabee Sanders make a declaration on the media’s behalf – and in conflict with what the president says. The only thing that would happen if she did is that the media would hyperventilate over her supposedly contradicting her boss – which was the Acosta’s whole objective in asking the question in the first place.

She could have just politely declined to answer. She could have gently scolded Acosta for being so rude in the way he asked it.

Wonderfully, she did far more than that:

Blow that smoke away, Sarah. Nicely done. And they deserved every bit of it. They attack for the sake of attacking. They care nothing for the accuracy or the relevance of the attacks they level. They ignore stories that don’t fit their pre-packaged narratives. And at least in the case of Acosta, we are offered such insufferable behavior that one wonders why anyone would want to sit there and listen to it.

I’ve gone on record as saying they are they enemies of the people, precisely because they are so willing to distort the truth – or hide it completely – just to score the partisan points they’re after. Yes, their job is very important, which is why it’s such a big problem when they don’t do it responsibly or honestly. And no one is more guilty of that than Jim Acosta.

So I’d say he got just about what he had coming in response to his demand.

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