Want to stand up for Trump and conservatism? Share these four videos today!

By Herman Cain

Last week we announced the formation of America Fighting Back PAC, with yours truly as chairman and primary spokesman.

We felt it was necessary to take an initiative like this because the so-called “resistance” to President Trump and his conservative policy agenda has become so unhinged and absurd. All you have to do is watch the circus that was the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings last week to realize the Democrats care nothing for truth, decency or even sanity. Even though they can’t possibly stop Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation – nor should they want to – they will do and say anything to introduce chaos and lunacy into the process.

In an environment like this, someone has to stand in the gap and speak the truth, and that’s what we’re going to do.

I’ll be doing a lot of traveling, speaking and television appearances in this position, but one of the first things we’ve completed is a series of videos that really lays out the truth about some of the key issues confronting our nation. We’re offering a compelling, solid refutation to what you hear from the media and the rest of the left about President Trump and conservative ideas.

So let me start now by sharing these four videos with you, and by encouraging you to share this page with everyone you know who needs to see them!

It’s too bad this effort is even necessary, but you know it is. The media won’t report the truth and the Democrats don’t want to do anything but shift the subject, insult and name-call.


Enjoy these videos, and share them! We need to fight back against this garbage, and it starts here.