When are you going to stand up for the majority!? Great video of gun owner goes viral after he tears into his city council and gun control advocates

By Robert Laurie

I don’t have much to add to the following video except to say: “I bet the average law-abiding gun owner has said this a thousand times around their dinner table.”

Also, I’d argue that (while this is a great video directly related to firearm ownership) gun control isn’t the only issue to which it applies. The simple fact is that normal, responsible, honest people in the country are absolutely fed up with being ignored while simultaneously being taxed into oblivion. You could choose any one of a hundred issues and the central argument would still be valid. Good people are being repeatedly penalized by a government that refuses to deal with real issues – because doing so is either difficult, politically incorrect, or both.

Meet Mark Robinson. He tore into the Greensboro City Council as it debated eliminating an annual gun and knife show in his city. Like many of us, he sounds as though he’s had enough….

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