Would someone be stupid enough to call the cops on this woman? It’s Twitter, so . . .

By Dan Calabrese

Of course someone would, and did.

You’ll be glad to know the result of the call was exactly what you’d expect, since there’s absolutely nothing illegal or otherwise wrong with Brenna Spencer choosing this as her senior photo:

Count me as a dissenter from the conservative male orthodoxy that says they’re nothing hotter than an attractive woman with a gun. Then again, my taste in women has been quite isolated and specific for the past 22 years so maybe you can’t go by me.

But Brenna Spencer’s photo is merely a reflection of who she is, presented with some flair, and obviously designed at least somewhat as blowback against the gun-grabbing atmosphere of the moment.

And as you might imagine, and probably should expect when you call this kind of attention to yourself, someone is going to call the cops:

Twitter user @Victoria__Silva tagged the Chattanooga Police Department and questioned whether Spencer broke the law for reportedly taking the photo outside the Hunter Museum of American Art, where concealed carry is not permitted.

Silva’s complaint technically is that Spencer is at or near a private facility that doesn’t allow firearms, not even those being conceal-carried in a legal fashion. I’ll let Chattanooga police sort this out if they think it’s worth their time (I suspect they will not), but I’m pretty confident that if you’re talking about some private facility’s private policy, and you’re not even in the building, there’s no chance the police are going to arrest you.

But come on. This reeks of fishing for a rationale on Victoria Silva’s part. The gun-grabbing left would have had themselves quite a day if they could have somehow humiliated this woman with a report of her arrest, and all these things get personal these days.

All that’s left now is for David Hogg to sic his minions on the financial backers of whatever school Spencer attends, demanding that they withhold her forthcoming diploma.

By the way, the Trump shirt is a nice touch.

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